The Student Connection by guard.meCARES

It is in the spirit of purpose and a passionate commitment to supporting the mental health and wellness of all students that guard.meCARES is providing various student support groups centering the experiences of those who are most vulnerable and underrepresented.

The Student Connection by guard.meCARES is the cornerstone for professionally monitored peer-to-peer virtual support groups. The aim of the groups is to provide students with a safe space to share information and experiences with others who share a common journey, thereby delivering unprecedented, specialized support to students across Canada.

The Student Connection by guard.meCARES is an open and interactive forum where students can safely share any emotional or mental well-being challenge, receive feedback, and positive encouragement. By having the group moderated by a MHP, there will be balanced feedback from a non-judgemental professional (as well as from other students who may have life-experience to share).

This community service does not replace individual counselling/therapy, and it’s not a forum for crisis situations, but it’s an option for those out there who (for whatever reason) don’t have access to emotional support.

Students will be encouraged to always seek the advice of a qualified mental health provider with any personal questions regarding a mental health condition or because of something heard during group sessions.

We are not able to accept actively suicidal members as we are not a crisis response group. You are encouraged to reach out to Crisis Text line, a hotline, or 911 for emergency support.

Quarantine Group

The Quarantine Student Connection by guard.meCARES offers students in quarantine the convenience of having a safe environment to connect with each other, with the goal of lessening their distress during this mandatory isolation.

The group includes students from a wide range of cultures, languages, ages, and experiences. This is a strength and an opportunity for all students to learn from each other, while gaining the mental health benefit from virtual “check-ups” and staying socially connected. This is not a therapy group, but those with individual needs are encouraged to talk to the facilitator after the group. Please note that all groups sessions are held in English.

These 30-minute sessions feature some brief opening comments from the facilitator, followed by student-led discussion exploring how to manage the various emotional and wellness challenges that are arising due to isolation.

Changes are coming to the Quarantine Student Connection. Starting March 1, 2021, we are introducing new protocols and processes surrounding service accessibility. Should you be interested in continuing to offer the Quarantine Student Connection by guard.meCARES to your students, please contact the Wellness and Learning Initiatives Team at for more information and details.

Do you need urgent help?

If your mental or emotional state quickly gets worse - help is available.

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If you are in crisis please call your local Emergency Services or visit the closest Emergency Department.