The Wellness and Learning Initiatives Program by guard.meCARES offers a unique learning experience for individuals and organizations by building awareness around mental health and wellness.

Our Educational and Training Services

The vast scope of the Wellness and Learning Initiatives resources will include addressing critical mental health and wellness issues facing individuals today through a variety of different modalities.

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Mental Health Consulting Services

The Wellness and Learning Initiatives team is also here to work with employers and institutional leaders to create unique mental health and wellness initiatives to bring purpose, meaning, and inspiration to their workplace communities, while supporting the overall well-being of employees.

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“I found it really helpful both professionally and personally as we navigate this rather surreal time… Thank you so much."

- Sarah, M.Ed., CCC

“I’m really glad to hear that all these supports benefits the students. I also want to join the webinar, which is really helpful for me."

- Client Staff Member

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